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Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund was established to support community improvement initiatives which build upon the work currently underway by community members, local organizations, and within the larger south side of Tucson.

From Our Families, For Our Future

From Our Families, For Our Future, is a Sunnyside Foundation program made possible by the City of Tucson’s American Rescue Plan Act's (ARPA) Community Partner Grant Program and local partners including the University of Arizona. 


Under the mentorship of community leaders, our families will lead and learn important skills around organizing, developing, problem-solving, generational wealth building, information dissemination, transportation and mobility, education, arts and culture preservation, and building an overall stronger community.


The core of our project includes community investment events, where we engage with community members and help build a stronger community by facilitating neighborhood clean-ups, art projects, cafecitos on generational wealth, establishing bike clubs in schools, and community bike rides throughout Tucson’s southside.

Fiscal Sponsorships

We offer fiscal sponsorship to provide fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects that contribute to a thriving Southside community and align with our mission and vision. 

Current projects we sponsor are:
  • Familias Unidas Ganando Accesibilidad | Families United Gaining Accessibility 

  • Pima County Health Department Reach Program

  • Gabe Gallegos Memorial Foundation

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