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Funding Our Future!

At the April Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board meeting, The Sunnyside Foundation was recognized “for your extraordinary support of our health services programs.

This was recognition for our support of Nurses’ offices district wide in providing Back to Basics grants ($250.00 maximum) for purchase of Nutritional Snacks for intervention in diabetic episodes suffered by student’s with diabetes throughout the district.  Expansion of this concept will include Diabetic Kits for emergency use in classrooms and on school buses.  During the past 2 years, The Foundation has funded over six thousand dollars in Back to Basics, Emergency/Flexible funding grants.

Sweater Nanas of Green Valley presenting sweaters and hats to Los Ranchitos kindergarten!
Sweater Nanas of Green Valley

Sunnyside Foundation Community Partners, 2014

Thank you for ‘Funding Our Future’

Acosta, Mary & Frederick
Aruquist, Steve
Baca, Bruce
Badaracco, Randy
Bejarano, Raul & Christine
Benavidez, Judith A.
Bergman, Wilfred L.
Bissell, Diane
Brady, Billy & Danielle
Caldwell, Anita
Castillo, Sio
Celaya, George
Christensen, Karen
Clark, Adella
Clark, Nate
Cooper, Kristin
Crites, Annabel
Dalessandro, Andrea
Delaney, Jesse
Diaz, Marcus
Disney, Jody
Dong, Eva C.
Dubois, Danielle A.
Dunne, Timothy J.
Edwards, Adam
Edwards, Debra Jo & John
Favela, Eugenia
Favela, George
Feeney, Patricia
Francis, Pam
Gabaldon, Rosanna
Gonzales, Fernando
Gonzalez-Gann, Elizabeth
Gregg, Kristina C
Gust, Barbara L.
Hadden, Robert & Marianne
Hernandez, Daniel
Higuera-Trask, Norma J.
House, Cheryl M.
Ibarra-Zazueta, Gloria
Islas, Patricia
Johnson, Jenny
Johnson, Julie
Jordan, Nadia & Samuel
Katz, Joan
Keatseangsilp, Jeff
Knight, Tim
Koff, Nancy
Kraft, Chris
Krienitz, Linda
Lambert, Lee
Lee, Sylvia M
Leon, Vennica
Lujan, Renee T
Maiden, Anna
Manning, Deloris
Martinez, Donna
Martinez, Guillermo
Martinez, Mary and Richard
Martinez, Pat
Massani, Roy
McDonald, Michael
McConnell, Mike and Pam
Menchaca, Art
Meridian, Jesse
Miranda, Robert A.
Moreno, Rick & Angelica
Murphy, Shannon
Mussani, Roy
Novak, Barbara
Oropeza, Hilda
Osgood, Christoper
Osgood, Kit
Pavey, Malcolm
Pigman, Linda A.
Prather, Kathy
Proano, Naomi
Quintero, Rebecca
Rambaud, Crystal
Raymond, Hans
Remington, Marcy
Reuwsaat, Michael & Storm, Priscilla
Rhey, Hans
Riceci, Bridget
Ridge, James D.
Roberts, Robin
Rodriquez, Anakarina
Roman, Miquel A
Roth, Franklin
Rosas, Rosemary
Salaiz, Deb
Samorano, Donna
Sando, Alex & Marilynn
Santa Maria, Maria
Saul, Mark
Schaller, Amy
Shanahan, TD & JM
Shiel, Holly
Simmons, Shalene
Siqueiros, Frank M.
Smith, Randy
Soria, Monique
Sugameli, Rocco & Natalie
Steffes, Don C
Stewart, Brian
Stevenson, Carl
Tang, Paul E.
Tees, Paul
Thaller, Thomas
Tillis, Sue J.
Trattner, Sally
Uhrig, Jeffrey
Urness, Merton
Utter, N J
Valenzuela, Elaine
Valenzuela, Stephanie
Van Hook, T
Veseley, Jeanette
Villicana, Taunya
Westerman, Jo Anne
Wiedhopf, Patricia & Richard

Affinity Financial Group, L.L.C.
Arizona School Transformation
BMO/Harris Bank
Casino Del Sol Resort
COX Communications
Diamond Ventures, Inc.
Diet of Hope
El Rio Foundation
Galaxy Circle Members
Get Away Today
Habitat for Humanity
Hughes Federal Credit Union
J. P. Morgan Chase
Kinder-Morgan Foundation
Midstate Mechanical
nVision Networking, Inc.
Picor Commercial Real Estate
Pima Community College Foundation
Pima Federal Credit Union
Raytheon Employees
Sasidik Bus IT Sol
SUNDT Foundation
Sunnyside High School
Sunnyside Unified School District Employees
The Gonzales Law Firm
The Stocker Foundation
The Sunnyside Foundation Board of Directors
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

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