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Sunnyside Foundation holds various funds that are designed to strategically invest in various sectors that contribute to more empowered students, teachers, and families in Tucson’s Southside. 


 Emergency Relief Fund

  • Utility and bill assistance up to

  • $300 per semester per SUSD family

  • Monthly food drives with hygiene support

  • Cash assistance gift cards for refugee youth, immigrant youth, and homeless youth

Immigrant Relief Fund

  • Cash assistance for immigrant families

Excellence in Education Fund

  • Classroom mini grants

  • Community Share Teacher Fellowship

  • Dual Enrollment Scholarships


Community Investment Fund

  • Eviction Rental Assistance Program

  • Southside wide eviction rental assistance to immigrant families cut to Sunnyside Foundation by City of Tucson for our ability to reach our most vulnerable communities

  • Financial support to improve outreach for COVID vaccines, encourage health and safety, support 

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