We Are One | Somos Uno – Immigrant Relief Fund

We Are One | Somos Uno – Immigrant Relief Fund was established to provide immediate and long-term support to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fund allows donors to support nonprofit and for-profit organizations impacted by the crisis.

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The Immigrant Relief Fund provides emergency direct cash assistance to immigrant workers and families impacted by COVID-19 who were left out of federal and state relief.

Funds raised will go towards direct cash assistance to support eligible workers and families. This relief fund is to be used for expenses incurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once applications are approved, applicants can access their relief payment in the form of a pre-paid debit card. These cash cards can be used to buy necessities online or in-person and wherever debit cards are accepted. Due to the limited funds available, not all applicants will receive payments.

The fund has currently raised $1.25 million in philanthropic funding commitments and is receiving donations at www.sunnysidefoundation.org/we-are-one

In order to ensure families receive support in an equitable and safe manner, the Sunnyside Foundation will distribute funds through Community-Based Organizations (CBO). With support from the Immigrant Empowerment Taskforce, we have identified CBO’s that have a longstanding history of serving families in Tucson and the City of South Tucson.

Utilizing an online, CBO’s will connect individuals to the online application after receiving an access code from the CBO. After fraud checks, approved transactions will be processed, and applicants will receive $600 on prepaid debit cards within 3 weeks of submitting their online application

These vetted CBO’s are located in Tucson and the City of South Tucson with relationships and capacity to reach individuals and families who are not eligible for state and federal assistance programs.

No. This Immigrant Relief Fund is an emergency fund set up to provide one-time assistance to workers impacted by COVID-19. It is considered a disaster relief and charitable fight to those who receive the $600 debit card, not income.

Eligibility and Application Process

1. Who is eligible?
The Immigrant Relief Fund aims to serve about 1,970 applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 years or older
  • Your health or employment status was impacted by COVID-19
  • You live in the CIty of Tucson or the City of South Tucson
  • You are one of three persons in your immediate family in the same household that will apply for the Immigrant Relief Fund. An immediate family member includes parents, life partners, children, grandchildren, and grandparents.
  • You did not receive a stimulus check from the federal government
    AND either,
  • You have applied for- and were denied- federal or state relief such as Unemployment Compensation OR
  • You are not eligible to apply for federal or state relief

2. Where can I go to find additional COVID-19 city resources?
The City of Tucson Covid-19 website has additional information and resources available at https://www.tucsonaz.gov/covid-19/resources-covid-19